Usage License

The contained artwork originally appeared in one of our projects and is now available to the public as stock art. Included are non-layered, high-resolution images to be used in any kind of project. Original PSD files or layered files are not available.

General Information

  1. Fantasy Stockart is the original author and owner of all illustrations offered.
  2. Buy purchasing you are granted NON-EXCLUSIVE rights to use Fantasy Stockart illustrations.
  3. In any case, Fantasy Stockart illustrations are our intellectual property, created by our in-house artists and therefore our rightfully owned body of thought.

Personal Usage License

  1. Fantasy Stockart illustrations can be used in any personal product without restriction.
  2. Fantasy Stockart illustrations may not be posted, exposed or published to the public where they would be downloadable or shareable.

Commercial Usage License

  1. You are granted NON-EXCLUSIVE rights to use Fantasy Stockart illustrations commercially.
  2. You are NOT allowed to re-sell, copy, distribute or make the artwork otherwise available to the public (either paid or free) while not being part of a finished product.
  3. The image can appear in print, electronic or web-based advertisment for the product in which it features.
  4. The artwork may NOT appear in another stock art collection or art bundle. It may also NOT be sold via download sites, the high-res version may NOT be made available to the public for download.
  5. The licensee may crop, rotate, and/or resize the image as they see fit to work within the publication provided the artist’s signature must legibly appear in the final image or be credited below it. If the image is resized, the original proportions must be maintained.
  6. The image may NOT be used in relation with p.ornographic, r.acist or otherwise hostile body of thought.

Flavor Text License

  1. In addition to the Fantasy Stockart illustrations, customers are encouraged to use published text material (known as flavor text) in their projects as well.
  2. This includes the text descriptions of Fantasy Stockart illustrations, as well as blog entries or downloadable text material offered on the Fantasy Stockart website.
  3. The regulations as stated in General Information, Personal Usage License and Commercial Usage License apply.

Credit & Backlinks

When using Fantasy Stockart images in your projects (either personal or commercial), we kindly ask for a backlink to our site. This is true for both free and paid images. In addition, you can link to this page to link the license of the artworks used in order to make licensing transparent to your audience: