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What is Dragon Dice?

Dragon Dice is a collectible dice game published in 1995, developed by TSR, Inc. (now defunct). The game’s franchise (including the game itself and the IP etc.) was later acquired by SFR, Inc. and is still active until today. Dragon Dice was created during the big CCG (Collectible-Card-Game) hype era and can be seen as a creative answer to trading card games (like Magic: The Gathering). Although the trading dice game genre was far less successful and has seen way fewer games released. I think it is save to say that Dragon Dice was (and is) the most successful collectible dice game until today.

Dragon Dice is strategy game where players create mythical armies using dice to represent each troop.  The game combines strategy and skill as well as a little luck.  Each person tries to win the game by outmaneuvering the opponent and capture 2 terrains.  Of course eliminating your opponent completely is another acceptable way of winning.