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Unari – the Sea Elves

The deep ocean empire of the Unari was established many thousands of years ago, before the inhospitable surface world was fully formed. The old Sea Elf empire pre-dates the histories of all the surface dwelling races and the very existance of the oldest land based creatures. Indeed, the Unari have not been part of history until now!

The foreboding of the Fall – the great cataclysm changed many weak minded Sea Elven citizens, while others benefit from expanded consciousness. As large parts of the Unari civilisation descended downwards to Unthrowor – the Abyss, others worshipped the Meteor like lunatics praising the moon. The result was a rift that tore the Sea Elven culture apart and ended in a terrible underwater war, for which the Unari where ill prepared. Brother fighting Brother, the once so great underwater empire was overturned and the underwater civilisation of the Unari collapsed before anybody had a chance to take notice of it.

What remained of the Sea Elven princes and nobles, hid themselves in deep ocean trenches, protected from the outside world with what remained of their elemental magics. As the ages passed, the Unari established small princedoms and provinces in secret places on the ocean beds beyond the minds or imagination of any surface dweller or even their tainted brothers – who became known as the Cerulean.

The Sea Elves remained a small race, never again to achieve the greatness of the old ocean empire. As the aftermath of the Fall ravaged the surface world the Unari were ever vigilant and made every effort to protect the ocean floor and keep their presence in the world a secret. For milenia the Sea Elves were successful in their endeavours and they lived peacefully, learning to work in alliance with ocean creatures and in unison with the natrual ways of the deep. The Unier nurtured a symbiotic relationship with the marine life around them and together they shared the fruits of the seas and the protection that many.

Long the Unari lived in peace but the Cerulean Horde had not forgotten the sea dwellers and their first underwater wars. Lesser Froglok and Cerulean heralds were sent hither and tigher and were ever intent on searching out the hidden people of the ocean world. Thanks to the Sirens who sensed the turn of evil, some of the Unari leaders were saved before their final underwater enclave was discovered and the Cerulean unleashed their living war-machines. The tectonic plates parted under the pressure and the Unari homeworld was torn asunder by submarine quakes, devastating currents and grotesque underwater deamons intent on reaping their foul God’s will.

The deep had become uninhabitable, the Unari had no choice but to find safe dwellings in shallower coastal waters, their survival depended on it. It was inevitable that the Sea Elves would come into contact with the surface dwellers.

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