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What is the BGDF?

The BGDF (short for “Board Game Designers Forum”) is a traditional, uncommercial web-forum that has been around on the internet for more than a decade.

The “Board Game Designers Forum” is one of the few places of the game related internet sphere that Im checking regularly for news, ideas, feedback and help. It has been around for so long that a trustworthy community of board-game designers gathered who are not only showing off their own creations but are also willing (and capable) to help.

Contrary to some other forums out there, that are either commercial, dead, spam-infested or full to the brim with newbies, the BGDF has been growing its niche since the beginning. Game designers posting their ideas, concepts and even prototypes there are not only showcasing it to a game-insider audience, they are also able to gather valuable feedback from people who know what they are doing (because most, if not all, forum members are designing games since years as well).

The BGDF is maintained by game enthusiastic individuals with no commercial goal in mind. The forum does not rely on big-business sponsors and has no contract with the big-players on the market. This creates a very indie friendly atmosphere and supports the “open-source” body of thought the internet is based on.

I for myself am a member since a decade on the “Board Game Designers Forum” and recommend it to anyone who is interested in creating a “unplugged” board- and/or card-game.