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Hogor – the High Orcs

“I spit on the peace treaty with the dwarves!”

“I am of the Hogor, an Orcish tribe with few allies save our own kind and that is how it should remain. Of the many tribes in this land, we are the fiercest and most powerful. While we trade with the humans for their superior steel, sometimes, and allow the ogres and trolls to join our ranks for battle, sometimes, we should look to our own kind for strong alliances, especially as we face so many enemies. It is a strong alliance we need, to fight the elves who seem to be all around us, to take revenge against the Formorians to the south, with their monstrous beasts, who attack and murder our hunting parties. To the west? The Fallen with their foul ways, skewering their enemies on sharpened poles along the roads, leaving them to rot in the warmth of the sun. They leave us alone and we like it that way, they nave nothing we want. The North? A place filled with Sun Elves, despicable, fragile things who seem to hate everyone for no reason. They live to hate. When an Orc holds hatred in his heart, it is for a reason, a purpose. Beyond them is the land of cold winds ruled by our Goriath cousins. They are strong and many in number but they will not join us against the others…yet.

I spit on the peace treaty which ties our hands! Orcs under my leadership will never trust dwarves, those landgrabbing destroyers, stunted freaks who leech the mountains dry of all their treasures and give nothing in return. No offerings or sacrifices to satisfy the hunger of the mountain god, nothing! The dwarves, who dwell beneath our feet and share their homes with worms, have not changed with the signing of a single piece of parchment and i shall continue to tell this truth at the gatherings under the solid moon.

In their haste to end the dwarf wars, tired of the battles which never came to an end, of an enemy who turned and ran back to the safety of their groundholes every time the tide turned against them, the elders gave too much. They drew up the peace treaty and commanded the gathered clan warchiefs to keep the peace. In turn, we pierced our thumbs and marked the treaty, all the while knowing that we must grow strong, build up stores, hoard the precious steel in our secret meeting places, and wait. The elders would eventually realize their mistake and we would be ready. Ready to take up arms again against the dwarves!

Our weaponsmiths work within the secret fortress of Omaghed with the quality steel even now, forging new blades, new weapons. The warchiefs will not suffer the peace forever and word of “the storm” is out. The Warlocks foretell a conflict on the horizon, a conflict the mystics have named the storm. At the last gathering, as the clans sat around the great fire which sparked and flared, the story was told again and again. The story of an impeding conflict in which our warbands would clear the land of the dwarves forever and would be restored as the warrior kings of this world, taking back our mountain kingdoms. As we listened, each telling grew in passion and fervor until it was as if we were listening to one long story told by many orcs. No matter how they arrived at the conclusion, it was always the return of the warrior kings and the death of all dwarves…and anyone foolish enough to ally themselves with the stunted ones.

The storm is coming!”

Hogor – the High Orcs

The Hogor tribe is seen as the most advanced of all Orcs and has had dealings with practically every other race at one time or another. although this had led to the occasional unnatural alliance, i.e. their temporary team up with a group of Humans at the battle of Gujek during the third dwarf war, for example, they usually follow party lines. The Hogor are ruled by a high council of respected leaders, consisting of great chieftains chosen by the old method of “promotion by combat”. All laws and commands are issued from the most high office. Internal disputes between clans are listened to and ruled upon by all the others involved. Simple and final – no clan would ever oppose the will of the high council for approval and permission, as thoughtless ambitions of the individual can end up dragging all the other clans into expensive wars. A prime example of this is the case of Urul Urgran, leader of the severed claw clan. His arrogance and unwillingness to listen to advisors led his forces into countless unnecesary battles and he was deemed personally responsible for the third and final dwarf war. Following the end of this costly and exceedingly bloody bwar, the various Orc clans within the Hogor tribe held a secret meeting – excluding Urul – and it was decided that he should be executed for the good of the Orcish people. his teeth, with their distinctively large tusks, were then fashioned into a elaborate necklace and presented as a goodwill gift to the dwarves at the signing of the peace accord.

Orcs are an aggressive race and like the challenge of a fight. Fighting is good. If there is not battle to fight or war to wage, they will probably end up fighting each other just to keep practise. They generally prefer hand-to-hand combat, believing that you do not enjoy the power of really inflicting terror until you have held an opponent’s throat in your fist, but they accept that missile weapons are important to the successful and triumphant resolution of many a battle. Smaller Orcs within the tribe, the Runts, are taught the ways of archery thereby allowing them to distinguish themselves in battle despite their smaller stature.

As with practically all elements of Orc life, Clan leaders advance by combat, pitting successful challenges against existing leaders. They then maintain their positions by surrounding themselves with dedicated bodyguards who protect their leader’s life at any cost. Providing the second-in-command from amongst their members for most orc leaders, the elite are extremely well trained warriors who will protect their leades – all the while waiting for an opportunity of their own to advance. The primary mounted troops of the Hogor Orcs are the Boar Riders, a rugged troupe guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents as they come bellowing into the fray. While they can be armored, most boars have only minimal covering so as to not diminish their speed. The riders on the other hand are usually well armored, to say the least. Boars are replaceable, skilled riders are not.

While Orc contingents will use Goblin or Nightling scouts, occassionally Orcs assume this responsibility. These are usually the smaller Orcs who don’t quite fit into the fighter/warrior mould and/or are useless with a bow!

The Hogor Warlords are constantly on the prowl, looking to take the best aspects of their foe’s forces and make it their own. The giant boar cavalry, an Orc tradition for centuries, has become strongly influenced by the armor worn by Eszmerian Knights. Also, the adoption of full plate mail armor by Hogor Warriors has led to them considering themselves as the noble race amongst the orcs.

Hogor Orc Warlords should try to pin the enemy with skirmishers or the main battle line troops while they attack the flank or rear with a thunderous charge of Orc Tuskers. Hogor Orcs have recently added War Engines to their forces, a new technology “acquired” from the Gnomes.

Practising a form of magic which appears anachronistic to most other races, Orc magic relies heavily on a variety of components. For example to perform a spell of any power an Orc magic user might need the eye from a bat, three oak leaves, a right front kneecap from a goat and a handful of quartz dust. This makes a magic user reasonably easy to spot on the battlefield as they are the ones with three or four assistants carrying bags of “things”. They also have their fair share of bodyguards so although they can be spotted, they cannot always be reached by the enemy.

Hogor Orcs support no permanent alliances at this time although they do, of course, maintain a close kinship with the Orcs of Goriath. They will ally with some Goblins and Nightlings. They tolerate Humans and even Dwarves but harbour a strong antagonism against the Sun Elves for many different reasons.

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