1. Quick Facts
    1. All artworks available for digital download only
    2. File types either PNG24, JPG or EPS (depends on type of the image)
    3. Minimum size is 1024 by 1024 pixels (depends on type of the image)
    4. Average resolution is 72 dpi
    5. Our license is royalty free and unrestricted for both personal and commercial use
    6. Average file size is 3 MB per image
    7. Average image layout is horizonal/landscape (previews only show a portion of the image)
    8. Layered or PSD files are NOT available
    9. Higher resolutions are NOT available
    10. We currently only offer PayPal as payment provider
  2. Purchasing
    Purchasing Fantasy Stock Art is easy and fast. All you have to provide is your eMail Address and a valid PayPal account. We do not require any other personal data and will never share your eMail Address or payment data with third parties.
    After purchasing, you receive a link to your digital download where you can download all purchased files individually. In the “My Account” section of this website, you are also able to re-download each file later on if required. Just log into your account, using the eMail address used to registrate and you can access all previous purchases.
  4. Digital Files
    The files offered on our shop are digital artworks, you therefore receive a PNG or JPG file to download on your computer. The files come in full color or greyscale and are considered “one piece” – that means we do not offer layered or PSD files (as these are reserved to our artists). Most files are in lossless PNG24 format, a few exceptions are high quality JPGs or EPS vector files. All files are minimum 1.024 by 1.024 pixels and most are much bigger.